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989 Digital Photography: 1 Trimester

Prerequisite: None

The evolution from film to digital is over, and digital photography is here to stay.   This course introduces students to the process of creating “pixel-based” photography.

Upon completion of the Digital Photography class, students will have a greater understanding of the technology in a digital camera, shot composition, digital photo editing techniques using Adobe Photoshop, online gallery creation, photo critiquing techniques and digital printing. Students will create an online photo blog of their best work and submit the majority of their assignments using the web as the digital medium to display their work.

932 Video Production I: 1 Trimester

Prerequisite: None

Digital video media is EVERYWHERE.  Movies, television, video kiosks, Pod casts, web videos and commercials surround us every day.  They are all products of planning, production, and editing in this media-crazed society. Video Production 1 gives students a detailed “behind-the-scenes” look at what goes into creating these media presentations. In addition to learning the special techniques in operating a video camera, students will also develop skills in producing and editing videos. The class begins with instruction in caring for, handling, and operating video equipment and general concepts of videography. Topics and skills for video production include scripting, storyboarding, framing, lighting, and audio techniques. As the course continues, students develop increasingly advanced skills, such as lighting and audio. Students will use professional level editing equipment, digital camcorders, computers and digital editing software Adobe Premiere Pro.

933 Video Production II: 1 Trimester

Prerequisite: Video Production I 

Video Production II is designed to develop and expand skills learned in Video Production I. More in-depth study of storyboarding, shot lists, scriptwriting, videography, lighting, audio, and more advanced production techniques are covered. In addition, students learn advanced editing techniques using the Adobe Creative Suite software package and expand upon skills acquired in Video Production I. Students study and develop skills in system configuration and language, rough cut editing, editing for effect, match frame editing, printing to video/multimedia or web, Pod casting and DVD development. A combination of lecture, tutorials and hands-on experiences are combined to develop these advanced skills. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in, and produce, special projects and event coverage for the school. These productions will be broadcast to the community through the use of the Saline Community Television Network channel 18 or over the web in online video communities. The end result of this class is that students will develop a digital-multimedia portfolio that can be used post high school.

SWWC Video News Production: 3 Trimesters

Prerequisite: An interest in Broadcast News

The Video News Production class is an in-depth look at broadcast video and school news through digital media production.  Students will learn the techniques needed to write, produce and output news stories and video media that impact your school and community.  The broadcast aspect of news media is met by training students in the school broadcast studio and with online learning experiences in video production projects.  Each student will be exposed to the latest broadcasting technology and techniques as they produce a weekly show called SHS Today.  This show is aired every Friday throughout the school, local SCTN channel 18 and the web.  Students will also be able to produce special interest shows working hand-in-hand with local community members.

(You are not required to be on camera at any time in this class.  Many positions exist behind the scenes too!)

SWWC Video News Production - LIVE Production Section: 3 Trimesters

Prerequisite: Video Production 1 and out of class taping availibility

The Video News Production - LIVE PRODUCTION SECTION is an in-depth look at broadcast video and school event productions.  It is a part of the South and West Washtenaw Consortium.  Students will learn the techniques needed to shoot, edit, & produce LIVE events that impact their school and community.  Each student will be exposed to the latest broadcasting technology and techniques as they produce weekly events such as Sports, Plays, Musicals, Concerts, and Special Shows.  Students will work hand-in-hand with the athletic department to produce promotional and ESPN style material for the school as well as many other special projects throughout the year. 


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